Aermoo, Make the Impossible Adventure be Possible

A rugged smartphone brand from Russia, Aermoo (, has been getting well known among the outdoor enthusiasts these days. As an emerging brand, why can it bring such warm response worldwide? Keeping the concept of “ Challenge Impossible”, Aermoo bridges people closer to the marvellous nature with powerful electronic products and shows great sense of social responsibility by sponsoring many social adventure groups. It aims to makes the impossible be possible!

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Brand Concept: Challenge Impossible

As a branch of Aermoo Mobile originated in Russia, Aermoo insists the brand concept of “ Challenge Impossible ”. Like the outdoor adventurers enjoy to challenge the limits of life, Aermoo challenges the impossible to create breathtaking rugged smartphones either. Designed by German designers, the rugged phones adopt aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to reach the military quality, embracing both charming appearance outside and strong collocation inside. Aermoo subverts the bulky image of the traditional rugged mobile phone completely.


Product Series:Rugged Smartphones and Accessories

Being obsessed with exploring nature, Aermoo has released several professional rugged smartphones. Among which two products have to be mentioned. They conforms IP68, the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system, with waterproof and dustproof specially designed for the outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Complete tools are installed to the device such as SOS, PTT, Compass, GPS, Glonass, Gyroscope etc.

Aermoo M1 --- Aermoo M1 equips 5.2’’ FHD screen, 21MP Sony® camera and 5580mAh large battery powered by the octa-core Helio P25 processor. The powerful performance is embraced by an elegance body made of aerospace grade aluminum alloy that’s sturdy enough to crack the walnuts, let alone defensing falling. Meanwhile, 6GB RAM matching with 64GB ROM speeds up the operating as well as provides ample space for storage.

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Aermoo M2--- Different to M1, M2 is decorated with premium TPU material back cover and metal frame, empowering this phone with great shock resistance and comfortable grip. M2 features a 5.7’’ IPS screen in 18:9 aspect ratio and quad cameras, which is the first rugged phone with 4 cameras in the world currently. Additionally, the octa-core Helio P23 CPU is embedded together with strong 6GB RAM, 128GB massive storage, and big battery capacity of 5180mAh.

Accessories--- Besides the screaming rugged smartphones, Aermoo is also dedicated to provide premium accessories like outdoor speaker, car charger, bluetooth headset, wireless charger, buletooth earphone and so on. Be the most strong and reliable assistants to phones. Accessories' details:


Custom Rugged Phone: Game of Thrones

Referring to the personalized phone, Aermoo should be the first manufacturer to offer custom-made rugged smartphone customization in the world. It pays a tribute to the classic teleplay, Game of Thrones, and provides a custom back shell service for the fandom. However, not only does Aermoo get access to the cover design of Game of Thrones, but also support DIY service that clients are encouraged to contact Aermoo for printing any text they want on the rear cover.

Sponsorship Events

“Where there’s the hero, there is the Aermoo.” is the principle of Aermoo. Aermoo pays respect to people who are crazy about adventure to challenge extreme life.  Coinciding with the spirits, many outdoor adventure teams have partnered with Aermoo to make a difference on the journey. Risk Weekend, Drift Racing, Highwaymonks and World Life are part of them. They travel or race worldwide then share their joyful time with multifunctional Aermoo M1. What a meaningful sponsorship for Aermoo to witness brave men to discover the majestic nature!

Some videos about the sponsorship events:
Risk Weekend:  
Drift Racing:  

Challenge impossible, make impossible be possible. Let’s look forward to more powerful products from spiritual Aermoo! More information please refer to Aermoo SNS: