Aero: relating to aircraft or aeronautics

Armour: a strong metal layer that is used to prevent damage from battle


Company File:

AERMOO has focused on professional rugged smartphone for years. Derived from Germany industry designer, we refuse to sacrifice the configuration for appearance. Aermoo was born to be breathtaking outside and screaming inside. Business Inquires: [email protected]


Brand Concept:

With the brand principle of "Rugged Pioneer, where is the hero, there is the Aermoo", Aermoo always catches the attention from all over the world. Distinguished with tough and elegance, Aermoo has built its own influence in the rugged smartphone field, which embodied in its appearance design and material. To build a strong, charming product for geeks from all over the world, Aermoo applied Ultra high configuration, which is totally different from people’s mind before. If you are crazy about it, Aermoo will always be your choice. Aermoo pays respect to heroes from all professional field.


Brand Vision:

We are addicted to beyond our limit.
We are obsessed with exploring the nature. 
We are constantly pursuing the meaning of our life.      

We are who we are.                                                                           
We are 



Challenge impossible!

Company Name:

Shenzhen DOOGEE Hengtong Technology Co.,Ltd


B, 2th floor, Building A4, Silicon Valley Digital Industrial park, 22nd of DaFu Industial District Area, Aobei Community, Guanlan Town, LongHua District, Shenzhen